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When is the game coming out?

Freedom Finger releases on Nintendo Switch and Steam (Windows) on September 27th, 2019!

Is Freedom Finger coming to Xbox One and Mac?

 Yes! We are aiming to have our Xbox/Mac ports shipped in late Fall of 2019.

How much will it cost?

$19.99 USD.

 What's with the censored bar? Is the whole game censored?

Not at all. The censored bar and additional "Safe for Work" modes are 100% optional. All versions of the game have the same content and are not censored in any way (unless you want it be).

I found a bug while playing. How do I report it?

Thank you! Steam users can post bugs here. Console users can email us at Or just stop by our Discord! Please include the platform and build number (found in the bottom right corner of the logo splash screen)

Are their plans for DLC? Add-ons? More levels?

Yes! Expect an announcement shortly after launch. Watch our Twitter account.

How did you license all that music?

Lead designer, Jim Dirschberger, posted a guide here. Check it out! 

I'm a content creator. Can I get a key?

Apply for one through Keymailer.

Can I stream or make Let's Play videos for Freedom Finger? 

Absolutely! Drop us a link if you do, we'd love to share it.

I received a copyright strike/takedown notices for the music in my review/let's play.

Depending on the song/label we may be able to help. 
Email us:

I have a question that isn't listed here. 

No problem. DM us on Twitter or Facebook!

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